Cover Crop Planter  •  Liquid Fertilizer & Herbicide Applicator  •  No-Till Grain Drill

Multipurpose Cover Crop InterSeeder

Save Time, Reduce Costs & Improve Crop Yields

Time is money. That’s why the InterSeeder™ sows three rows of standing cover crops, spreads post emergent herbicides, and applies directed fertilizer, simultaneously. In addition, the InterSeeder™ is also an ideal no-till grain drill. This versatile, multifunction machine, reduces time, saves energy, and eliminates costs. Besides helping your bottom line, the InterSeeder™ simplifies no-till relay planting, enabling sustainable farming and improved crop yields. It is good for you and good for the environment.

testimonial Bob Buhl

  We've used the InterSeeder for two years… its easy to operate, followed the rows well, produced nice even stands, didn't compete with the corn and we're anxious to do more.  

- Bob Buhl
  Erie County, PA Dairy Farmer