What The InterSeeder Will Do For You

  • Reduce costs for planting cover crops
  • Simultaneously sidedress N and apply final postemerge herbicide while planting cover crops, all in a single pass
  • Makes an ideal small grain drill for added versatility
  • Increase corn yield from rotation effect
  • Reduce N cost
  • Increase forage production
  • Provide cover and feed to wildlife

Cover Crops Provide Many Well Known Benefits

  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Enhances soil carbon
  • Reduces drought stress
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Hold nutrients over winter
  • Makes nutrients available for cash crops
  • Provides supplemental forage
cover crops

Corn & Biomass Yields

Corn Yields as Impacted by Cover Crop

Corn Yields as Impacted by Cover Crop

Corn Yield and Cover Crop Dry Matter in 2011

  King Farm Shunk Farm
  Treatment Corn Yield
Fall DM
Fall DM
1 Rygrass 139 2016 2051
2 Mixture 162 2006 2489
3 Untreated check 151 - -
  Mean 153 2016 2070
  LSD (0.05) NS NS NS

HOW IT PAYS: Let's Run Some Numbers

The InterSeeder Saves Trip Costs

Typical Costs Per Field Trip*

Trip for post emergent spray $10/acre
Trip for sidedress N on corn $10/acre
Trip for sow cover crop $19/acre
Total for three trips $39/acre
One InterSeeder™ trip – $20/acre
Net Savings $19/acre

* Costs vary according to market conditions

More Calculations

Research shows corn yields can increase due to a rotation effect from planting corn into a grass/legume field, terminated prior to planting. Results will vary according to conditions.

For corn planted into a prior healthy stand of cover crops, research consistently shows a 7 bu/acre increase at $5.00/bu
Potential $42.00/acre in added revenue
Nitrogen use can be reduced by 50lbs/acre with legume cover crops.
At 50 lb/acre and $0.65/lb for N:
Potential $32.50/acre in reduced fertilizer input costs
Increase fall forage from the cover crops
At 1 ton/acre and $100.00/ton
Potential $100.00/acre in livestock feed cost
Added Together
Reduced N input $35/acre
Added corn yield (insert current $5.00/bu) + $35/acre
Total for three trips $70/acre
Now add the savings based on reduced trips + $19/acre
Total added revenue potential $ 89/acre
additional per acre*

*Based on use of the InterSeeder as described, weather, agronomic, and market conditions