Product Details

The Concept

Relay Planting Cover Crops

The InterSeeder™ has been designed to sow cover crops in standing row crops while at the same time applying post emergent directed herbicides and fertilizer. The InterSeeder plants three rows of cover crop for each corn row. By having all these functions on one machine, it reduces the time, energy, and cost of planting cover crops in corn and potentially other row crops. The InterSeeder™ facilitates no-till relay planting and makes it possible for farmers to develop a soil cover years round, be environmentally responsible, and improve crop yields.

Getting cover crops planted immediately after the corn harvest, one of the busiest times of the year, can make for sleepless nights. Not anymore. Now you can "relay plant" cover crops to make management easier and reduce overall operating costs. And you may be pleasantly surprised by the bottom line boost the InterSeeder™ can give you.

Add the Value of Forage if it Applies

In some years, forage can be grazed resulting in additional income based on the farming operation. At the same time, reduced erosion and runoff, enhanced soil quality, and cover and some nutrition for wildlife are added benefits.

The Concept

How it Works

At the V7 or earlier corn stage, there is enough sunlight penetrating the canopy for cover crop seeds to germinate and establish.

As corn grows and the canopy increasingly shades the row, the cover crop essentially lies dormant. This prevents the cover crop from competing with corn for nutrients and moisture.

When corn is harvested for silage or grain, the cover crops have already been growing for two months. They flourish and mature earlier than with any other cover crop planting method.

Three Jobs in a Single Pass

Use the InterSeeder at four to six weeks after planting, with corn at no later than V7 stage

1. Apply Side Dress Nitrogen

1. Apply Side Dress Nitrogen

The Interseeder applies a precision application of Nitrogen 4" off the corn row.
2. Apply Post Merge Herbicide

2. Apply Post Merge Herbicide

Herbicide applied in the same pass under the corn canopy precisely targeting the weeds only.
3. Plant Cover Crops

3. Plant Cover Crops

Lastly, the Interseeder plants the cover crop placing 3 rows between 30” corn rows.


The Advantages of Relay Planting Cover Crops

  • Earlier maturing cover crops can serve as a fall and winter forage
  • Mature cover crops work harder in the soil to build soil quality, or soil health
  • Improves moisture infiltration
  • Reduces erosion and nutrient runoff
  • Holds nutrients over the winter, releases nutrients in the spring when terminated for following crops
  • Increases organic matter
  • Constant cover of the soil surface protects from runoff and potential wind erosion

The InterSeeder Is Also An Excellent No-Till Grain Drill

The InterSeeder™ is an ideal grain drill for crops like wheat, cereal rye or even soybeans. This versatility makes the InterSeeder a high value investment that will pay for itself faster than many other types of equipment.

Rear mounted spray and sidedress booms

Rear mounted spray & sidedress booms

The interseeder can apply a post emergent herbicide between rows and then sidedress fertilizer adjacent to each using this boom setup.
Packing wheels and herbicide nozzles

Packing wheels and herbicide nozzles

These packing wheels ensure seed to soil contact and accurate planting depth adjustment for each of the three rows between each corn row.
Coulters on planting units

Coulters on planting units

These coulters on each allow the interseeder to achieve good seed to soil contact in a wide range of soil and residue conditions.
Double disk openers

Double disk openers

This tried and true system provides a uniform seed trench in various field conditions.


The InterSeeder™ comes in both a 4 or 6 row configuration, and is available with the following options:

  • InterSeeder™ only, no applicators
  • with liquid fertilizer sidedress or herbicide applicator
  • with liquid fertilizer sidedress and herbicide applicators
  • with liquid fertilizer sidedress and herbicide applicators plus full drill capability

Call us for other configurations to meet your needs at 814-404-0684.


InterSeeder Presentation

Operators Manual

  • Please read and understand this manual before using your InterSeeder
  • Make sure your aware of all the safety warnings on the InterSeeder
  • Always use the jack stands when unhooking the unit and when servicing
  • Always use the cylinder locks when servicing in the raised position
  • Never crawl under the unit in the raised position
  • Stay clear of moving parts
  • Never ride on the unit
  • Do not turn tightly with the unit when planting in the down planting position
  • Grease the unit each day of use and oil chains weekly
  • Check oil level in the seed box transmission daily